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traditional Thai massage

Relaxing deep tissue Thai massage in Stevenage by qualified masseuse. Aromatherapy and scented massage oils are used on your entire body. Or you can select to have a foot or head massage only.


The traditional Thai massage procedures differ to a great extent from the European ones. The main focus is on the pressure points and the circulation and how these would help to promote not only internal health but muscular flexibility as well.

The traditional Thai massage dates back to 2500 years and it is among the oldest known manual medicine branch. It is a combination of acupressure, yoga, shiatsu and the massage is done along the various therapy points and the pathways of the body.

The traditional methods help to reduce tension to a great deal. One should keep the body loose and flexible for the masseur to work upon.

Traditional Thai massage procedures

The massage procedures are centuries old. One needs to use his hands, elbows, the knees, feet and pressure needs to be applied on the meridians of the body or rather the 'life power lines'. This encourages a harmonious and an even flow of physical energy throughout the entire body.


Thai Ancient Massage

Thai Classical Massage
Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Bodywork

Thai Massage is quite different from what most western people perceive as massage. The main difference is that it is practiced fully clothed on a floor mat, where oils or lotions are not necessary.
Traditional Thai Massage, has many other names and is also known as:

  1. Thai Ancient Massage ‘Nuad Paen Bo’Rarn’ (massage traditional/ancient);
  2. Thai Yoga Massage;
  3. Thai Classical Massage;
  4. Thai Bodywork, etc.

Thai massage techniques can be used on many parts of body such as the thumbs, elbows, palms, forearms, feet, and knees include: rocking, rhythmic muscle compression, assisted yoga positions and stretching.
The intention of Traditional Thai Massage is to guide the body, mind, and spirit into balance and harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing. The practitioner always begins the session with "Puja"(worship), a moment of centering and connection, paying attention to Promwihan Sii, the Four States of Mind:

  1. loving kindness,
  2. compassion,
  3. vicarious joy, and
  4. equanimity.
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Genuine Traditional Thai Massage by fully qualified masseuse.
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Unisex Massage Service Duration Price
Thai Massage 30min £30
  60min £50
Herbal Compress 30mins £35
  60mins £55
Swedish Massage 30mins £25
  60mins £45
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